no/w ( Taiwan,Taipei )

This is a specialized lightweight store filled with unique content and equipment. The owner is a wilderness first aid professional, enough for you to visit the store and explore.

sokit ( Japan,Tokyo )

The owner has a unique vision, enjoying interesting equipment. Ursus like interacting with him,because the process leads to personal growth. I love stepping into his charming little store because Ursus always discover different items, enriching my exploration in the world of equipment.

ROKU ( Japan,Kyoto )

This is a small canteen,the owner's dedication to every step of sourcing, selecting, and preparing the ingredients daily reflects the utmost respect for the ingredients and the enjoyment of the customers. This is something you can fully appreciate in the moment of dining. I've spent some time at the small shop, and I really love it here, both the food and the people.

We are grateful to these professional and unique shops for being our partners. Every trip and adventure cannot be without you.